October: Time to plant Garlic in the Pacific Northwest!

Nov 2012 033

Last year I missed it….actually..the bulbs were purchased but didnt make it into the garden till Jan. Yikes, but regardless all 60 cloves that were panted came up. We have been enjoying it since July and had enough of our own to plant 140 cloves for next year.

Nov 2012 008

Not all of them were large but the skins were in good shape.

Nov 2012 019

I added organic bonemeal

Nov 2012 014

Balanced Organic Fertilzer, Dolomite Lime & Woodash

Nov 2012 006

Forked it all in

Nov 2012 010


Nov 2012 023

Covered with straw

Nov 2012 039

…all tucked in for the we wait & see…

6 thoughts on “Garlic

  1. Looks great! Could you tell me why you put in the bonemeal and ash? You look like you know what you’re doing and I have so much to learn. 🙂
    Love this post! This is what I need to see to inspire me.

  2. I had never thought about using bonemeal for veggies before I purchased a new book last year “Backyard Bounty” by Linda Gilkeson. I have always used it for transplanting annual flowers & for shrubs but didnt realize it was beneficial & safe for veggies as well, so I am using the organic fertilzers that the authour recommends for our soil &; climate. Bone meal -related to NPK is 2-11-0 a good source of calcium, wood ash is also a source of calcium but also high in potassium(potash) you can add too much,20 pounds per sq foot is alright,a good sprinkle on the top of the soil is safe…our soil is acidic and we get a lot of rain , so google the requirements for you soil locally. I hope that helps

  3. I should have mentioned that the Wood Ash needs to be clean, free of any possible contaminents, glue, paint or preservative and the paper , if used in your fire should only be regular newspaper, nothing that is glossy or with too much color.
    Oh dear, I’m not sure I answered your question, the bonemeal is for promoting root growth and the ash is to replace potassium which leaches out of the soil from all of our winter rain. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much. This is really helpful. We don’t get a lot of rain and very little in the last couple of years, so this encourages me to look into our soil and weather etc. I’ve just been relying on the compost my husband is making as far as adding anything to it, but I’m sure that there are plenty of specific nutrients lacking. Thanks for the info!

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