I love fresh Broccoli!

July 2012 016

This year it was planted twice.   First in March, from seed ( Calabrese Variety) and transplanted outside in April, only 6 survived but it was plenty for the space  and we a good supply.  All plants were removed by July, “Note to self” stagger planting times for a continuous supply.

Summer speed by too fast to get my act together to start more seeds for the fall, should have been doing this in July…ooops…so I picked up a few seedling starters from the Nursery, in Sept..late ??Yes..but they did produce some nice crowns

.Nov 2012 011

A few side shoots are coming up still

Nov 2012 047

They have been covered with straw for insulation…and to keep some critters out , all being well we’ll have some good spring growth… I may have to build a cover for the plants to encourage them a little more through the next couple of months… will time allow for that??  We’ll see..

Something new I’m trying,  that is also in this bed ( on the left)  is Purple Sprouting Broccoli, they wont produce till the spring…cant wait to see how it does  🙂

3 thoughts on “Broccoli

  1. I haven’t tried broccoli lately…I need to again this spring early. If you sowed you seed in March, I probably should do it in early February. : )
    It seems like it always gets too hot for the plants here. I do have brussel sprouts growing in the hoop house and some cabbage outside…

    1. I should have mentioned that the seeds were started in the greenhouse with bottom heat., I used a small electric heat mat and transplanted them outside in April, temps are approx 50-60 F during the day, dropping to 40 average at night. They grew really well uncoverd -appox 60 days for maturity.

      Your lucky to have your Brussel sprouts under cover..I started several from seed and lost all of them , I think they were transplanted too soon. I did buy some starters at the same time as the Broccoli, they havent done much so I do think they need a cover, or if I’m lucky they will grow in the spring,
      ” Wait & see” is my new Next year I’ll try cabbage too 🙂

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