Feb. 2013 Whats Growing ?

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Feb. 2013 006

First time trying this Veggie, what an amazing plant, it has survived the winter without cover,  granted it has been mild , regardless,  I’m confident it would survive well with a bit of snow, they did make it through all of the frost. amazing, as is the flavour, all of the plant is edible . The leaves taste similar to kale but more tender and sweet! Six plants went in as starters, I was too late for seed, and all are growing strong!  Note to self ; plant more for next year!


Feb. 2013 004

Still going strong! We harvested the main crowns in mid Nov and they are still producing side shoots! Could have used more of these also, there is plenty of empty space…

Red Brussel Sprouts

Feb. 2013 008

Brussel Sprouts-In a shade bed

Feb. 2013 012

Also a first time for me trying Brussel Sprouts, I put in 2 varieties , both very disappointing , my fault for planting too late and in  an area with too much shade!  The Red Brussels do look healthy , there may be a chance that they’ll produce something by spring…I’m not going to count on it. This summer seeds will be started early!!!


Feb. 2013 015


Feb. 2013 011

Swiss Chard

Feb. 2013 013


Feb 2013 022


Parsley-Almost time for a new patch!

Feb. 2013 009

Onion Chives

Feb. 2013 016

Sage – Needs replanting

Feb. 2013 020


Feb. 2013 018

Garlic Chives

Feb. 2013 017


Feb. 2013 021


Feb. 2013 003


Feb. 2013 002


Feb. 2013 004

So great to see new growth coming up !

6 thoughts on “Feb. 2013 Whats Growing ?

  1. I’m going to have to try that purple sprouting broccoli next fall, too. Looks like a winner. I’m going to see if I can find some seeds…Nice to see what’s growing in your garden. 🙂

  2. As I’m typing this, it is trying to snow in Calgary. Everything is brown so some snow cover would be nice. I’m always amazed at how the West Coast plants can thrive with cool, wet temperatures. I won’t be looking forward to planting outside until the May long weekend! Wishing you could ship some of your fresh veg or herbs to Calgary.

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