Spring Greens

This is what our local market calls the tender side shoots from the winter cabbage. These are produced as they go to seed in the spring . They are a  real treat when they are in season, available both red or green sprigs, they are sweet and mild tasting !

If you really want to get fancy, you could tell your guests you are serving Cabbage Rabe!

Feb. 2013 020

Here is my favourite way of preparing greens:

Saute minced galic with a little olive oil , add greens , a pinch of seasalt, turn to low heat cover and keep warm for approx 5 min. finish with a splash of lemon or lime juice ! Easy!

If you are ever in the area check out Mitchells Farm Market


4 thoughts on “Spring Greens

  1. Way cool! Hey, I (EVEN I!!!) like that recipe. I love seeing your stuff growing, especially after seeing the beginnings of the whole garden….

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