Pulmonaria (lungwort)

This perennial is the star of the garden right now, this is a low growing bushy plant that will bloom twice through the year, it is easily divided and very low-maintenance .

Feb.2013 011

Heres a lttle more interesting info from the Phytochemicals website:

“Lungwort was traditionally used as a remedy against lung diseases, such as
tuberculosis, asthma and coughs. Lungwort contains antibiotics which act against
bacteria responsible for chest infections. Lungwort is also used to treat
gastrointestinal and kidney problems.

The allantoin may be responsible
for the wound healing properties. Lungwort is used externally to treat eczema,
hemorrhoids, wounds and burns.

Today it is known that lungwort contains
toxic pyrrolizidin alkaloids, so its internal use without medical supervision is
not recommended.”

Oddly enough, when my dog, Neeka, has an upset stomach this is the plant she goes to first!

2 thoughts on “Pulmonaria (lungwort)

  1. Thanks Tera, It brings spring to us a little earlier 🙂
    This plant is only a couple of years old, in my garden, planning to divide it and spread it around

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