Tuberous Begonias

This is one of my favourites , they  love the shade , lots of colors to choose from and, the best part, as I’ve just discovered, they are easy to save & divide.

July 2012 023

Its time to get them started…I  left the tubers in their pots to dry in the greenhouse a bit of a cheat but the mix is mostly peat so thought it would be alright! Yes it was,they look great! . Today I dug them up and cleaned them off !

March 2013 008

I’m trying something new, forcing the shoots to come up earlier,  they are now in a paper bag in a dark warm spot and hopefully in a few days they will sprout and can be planted and divided if possible. This is easy to do, if the tuber has more than one shoot/eye, then cut it right down the middle with a sharp clean knife , let it dry for a few days..then plant! Dust with sulpher if you have it, I didnt last year and they were fine!

March 2013 009

By May, we should have some lovely Begonia baskets!

July 2012 024

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