March 2013 024

It’s that time of year, actually, the earliest that I’ve planted potatoes and I’m trying something different …These take up a lot of room in the raised beds and crop rotation is proving to be a bit of a challenge, so I’m growing them in pots…Inspired by another blogger, check it out here

March 2013 012

As usual I am throwing my own twist into a recipe…Christina uses “Seasoil potting mix” I didn’t want to purchase the prepared smaller bags so..I’m making my own …We bought a yard of “100% organic Seasoil”. Yes… much easier and afforadable with your own dumptruck..we are lucky to have that..

Its been raining, so  this was  a very  heavy wet load…

I preapred the 10 gal. pots( make sure your pots are deep enough 16in or more) using some old straw that I had pulled from the raised beds to cover the drainage holes, this will add light weight drainage and hopefully keep the soil in the pots..(  normally I  line them with landscape fabric  )

March 2013 015

Added the Seasoil

March 2013 016

Mixed together, 2 parts garden soil, 1 part pearlite and 1 part peatmoss…

March 2013 017

Mix with the Seasoil

March 2013 018

The combined soil needs to be approx 4 in. deep, place the potatoes on top and cover with 2 in. of soil…

I purchased  9lbs of organic seed potatoes-6lbs of Yukon Gold( my favourite), 1.5 lbs of French Fingerlings( they have interesting color & mild flavour), 1.5lbs of Blue Russian( great color and texture)

All of them are sitting on my kitchen table, some cut into pieces to dry out overnight, they will be planted in the morning…4-5 per pot…more pictures to follow…

9 thoughts on “Potatoes

  1. I bought some new 10gal pots and they are not as deep as my old ones are, I didnt think to measure, I’m going to try them anyways. If you havent bought yours, look for something with lots of depth

    1. Hi Laura,

      They are doing really well, I went on holidays 3 weeks ago and they weren’t even coming up yet, now many of them are over the top of the pots, amazing what some warm weather will do…cant wait to see how this works. I did plant early , I’m planning to have for a second crop that I’ll plant this month. Its not too late.

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