Hello Spring!


Cherry Blossoms are so beautiful …this isnt my yard..this is the local Library’s tree along with a Cleamatis Armandii.

Yay Spring is here, finally and blowing like crazy! At least its not raining!

We have some nice spring flowers blooming!

Mar. 2013 012

Pansies, Tulips & Stocks..

Mar. 2013 016 Mar. 2013 013


Mar. 2013 006

Magnolia Buds..

Mar. 2013 022

Mahonia( Oregon Grape) Blossoms…just starting to open..

Mar. 2013 021

Spring…I love this time of year !

10 thoughts on “Hello Spring!

  1. I am really, really ready to see flowers and greenery. Still have 3 feet of snow in Minnesota. -19 C tonight at our place, glad we are on the way to see your flowers!!

  2. Love the beautiful pictures! šŸ™‚ I have an Autumn clematis that looks similar to the one in the first picture, but I didn’t know there was a clematis that bloomed in the spring.

    1. This one is evergreen, really nice fragrance too. I had one a few years ago but lost it, I may try another, they are a nice early bloomer. Also noticed I had spelled the variety incorrectly( Armandii) I have one that blooms in the fall as well with small white blossoms Clematis dioscoreifolia or C. terniflora .

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