Spring Cleaning

Mar.  2013 001

I was starting to fill up the greenhouse with all of the new seedlings and over wintering plants…I didnt take a picture of the mess… but here are some of the items that were pulled out

Mar.  2013 024 Mar.  2013 017

Fushia Baskets & Pots

Mar.  2013 014 March 2013 022

Seedlings & Potting Supplies : You can see the moss growing on the paving stone, its shady there and this as after just one year..

March is coming to an end and the greenhouse isn’t clean!  We are anxious to install the gutters  for growing strawberries (in the first picture you can see one already hung up on the right side of the greenhouse) so we had to get on with it! Jeff’s big back pack blower was filled with a bleach solution and the whole place was sprayed  down…let it sit for a while and rinsed…ahh…nice and clean..brackets for gutters are hung up and everything moved back in…

Mar.  2013 005

More about the seedlings and strawberry gutters soon..

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. This is wonderful. I love your garden. Everything is so neat and clean and perfect. I’m looking forward to seeing how your strawberries do in the gutters… 🙂

    I got everything I need to plant the potatoes. I have 3 very large 15-20? gallon containers that I’m going to try it in. That is on my list for tomorrow.

  2. Thank-you! …. believe me, it is far from perfect 😉
    Oh good! You have the larger pots, cant wait to see how they do. I was planning to cover mine but didnt get around to building anything for them. Its starting to warm up so I’ll leave it & hope for the best! Good luck with yours!

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