Growing Strawberries in Gutters

March 2013 004

Yes we are using gutters to grow Strawberries!

Mar.  2013 005

I was so intrigued when I saw Mavis from growing her Strawberries in gutters in a Greenhouse!

Check it out!

We installed a few brackets,  placed the galvanized gutters on top of them at a bit of an angle for drainage..we put two gutters in, one on each side of the greenhouse, both are 10 feet long, 5 in deep…we decided to experiment with both of them, so one is a straight soil mix…the other has pebbles at the bottom topped with landscape fabric then soil..

They were filled with the same mixture of potting soil used for my pots, equal parts of garden soil, organic seasoil (compost), vermiculite or pearlite, and peat moss. I also added an organic granular fertilizer ( recipe to follow) and lime…

March 2013 007

We put in our plants , a combination of Everbearing and June bearing Strawberries

Mar.  2013 002

and placed them on the brackets..

March 2013 001

March 2013 006

Mar.  2013 010

March 2013 002

Berries are forming already….

Here are the varieties that we have planted…

Everbearing/day-neutral: Seascape & Quinault

June Bearing: Rainier & Shuksan

6 thoughts on “Growing Strawberries in Gutters

  1. So exciting! Kind of wish I had done mine this way. But we’ll see how it works for you, and if my strawberry bed is a fail, I’ll try this method next year. Looks great…so streamlined and using space that would ordinarily not be used. Very Impressive!

    1. Thank-you for telling me about the One Hundred Dollars a Month Blog, I wouldnt have tried this otherwise! If I had the space they would have gone in the ground. If the strawberries dont work out , I’ll try something else 😉

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