May, A Quick Visual Garden Update

Rhubarb is ready to harvest and the Kale is coming along

May 2013 001

Onions, Leeks and Shallots have really grown, Carrots are sprouting..

May 2013 002

May 2013 003

Cherry Tomatoes and Artichokes are hardened off and need to be transplanted.  Neeka is checking it all out…

May 2013 004

Broad Beans need some support, Cabbage and Broccoli are growing well, so are the potato pots..

May 2013 005

Cauliflower and newly transplanted Zucchini

May 2013 006

The Garlic hasn’t produced any scapes yet, they should be coming up soon..

May 2013 007

Pac Choi has bolted, I’ve planted another row. Radishes are doing great , Beets and Swiss chard are starting to sprout!

May 2013 008

Swiss chard from last year, amazing how it keeps growing even when its cut down to the ground. Peas are doing well,  I’ve planted a few more to make up for the few that the slugs destroyed..

May 2013 009

Lettuce pots , all bolting, time to plant some more…

May 2013 010 May 2013 011

Strawberry leaves are huge , with several fruits . but not that many flowers, I wonder if its because its the first year , or do they need a different fertilizer?

May 2013 012

Tomatoes look happy , I cant believe how they have grown!

May 2013 013 May 2013 014

Basil,  Peppers and Eggplant all need to be transplanted

May 2013 015

Sage and Mint

May 2013 016

Chives, Celery and a new Lettuce Variety , Burnet..

May 2013 017

Lilac is in full bloom…more of the Flower Garden later

May 2013 018

After being away for almost 3 weeks I was delighted to come home and see how quickly the garden has grown. That is thanks to some unseasonably warm temperatures and a fabulous husband who not only kept up on all the watering but installed a new automated system for the veggies… Thank-you my dear !!!

3 thoughts on “May, A Quick Visual Garden Update

  1. Gorgeous! My Bok Choi went to seed too. I’m just going to let the seeds fall where they may and see what happens. It surprised me, though, because it never really matured. Your garden really looks fabulous!

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