Potatoes in Pots : May update

Amazing how these are growing , in just a weeks time all of the potatoes are well over the edge of the pots, and need to topped with straw & soil…again.  They have almost been filled to the top of the pots…

May 2013 014

I hope they will produce potatoes as well as they are growing new  stems & leaves…

May 2013 013

Fingers crossed …

2 thoughts on “Potatoes in Pots : May update

    1. Hi Laura,
      I think it is for better drainage and to keep the pots light. Its my first time trying to grow them this way after reading about it on Christina’s blog, which by the way I think you may be interested in , she is on Mayne Island and has an amazing ” Shoot” or Sprouts” business http://christinas-garden.blogspot.ca/search/label/potatoes
      She has tried several different methods for growing potatoes in pots …I guess we’ll see how this works 🙂

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