Battles & Bounty!


May 2013 013

Look at the mess…

May 2013 009  May 2013 012

Beer traps are set up and many have met there match….. more to come I’m sure..

I’m hoping the Beans from Sue will recover..

May 2013 008

They even managed to find their way into the Canna Lily pots in the greenhouse…

May 2013 006

they’ve been moved out..

Two – 8ft rows of carrots that were up about an inch last week are now gone!

Artichokes, they aren’t really a battle,  they are nice and healthy…but what was I thinking??? They are going to be huge plants…I don’t have room in the veggie beds….lol…maybe I can find someone willing to take some home  😉

May 2013 017

…a few will go into pots…

These little Corn Salad plants,  were planted March 18th..Wow, talk about slow growing ! Is this normal?

May 2013 018

Here’s some  good news…a little bounty..

May 2013 008 - Copy

Swiss Chard & Kale ..Green Smoothies here we go…

May 2013 006 - Copy

The Green house is filling up

May 2013 013

Tomatoes are flowering

May 2013 006

Radishes are growing well

May 2013 016

May 2013 001 - Copy

We have Strawberries

May 2013 002

May 2013 001 - Copy

I wont be filling the freezer any time soon but there are more to come

May 2013 005

Lettuce Greens

May 2013 002 - Copy

May 2013 001

Burnet Lettuce-tastes a little like aniseed..

May 2013 014

and looks like a weed..

May 2013 015

Rhubarb is already going in the freezer

May 2013 001

Lima Beans , Purple Sprouting Broccolli and Cabbage

May 2013 010

a close up of the Lima Bean Flower…I had never seen one before

May 2013 011

Amber is enjoying  the Greenhouse..

May 2013 016

….off to get some carrot seeds in and hands dirty 🙂

4 thoughts on “Battles & Bounty!

  1. Too bad those slimmy things ruined so much. But sure looks like you are going to have a full freezer by the end of the season. Looking good Thelma

  2. The lima bean flower is gorgeous! And I really want to taste the Burnet Lettuce. Sounds great.
    Sorry about the slugs…bugs can be such a pain!

  3. So sorry about the slugs… 😦 But everything else looks great. As far as the corn salad plants…that’s what so many of my plants have looked like this spring…growing in slow motion or something. I was excited to see the strawberries. They look great!

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