May Flowers…

May 2013 003

Winter Pansies and Violets are still looking amazing

May 2013 004

Can you see the Calla Lilies, to the left of the black pergola post, behind the small orange poppies…. they are almost as high as the fence …that’s 6ft tall.. wow ..this is their 3rd year in that spot..

May 2013 003 - Copy

Year 2 for the Iris’s ..I love these and will add some puple year …

May 2013 002 - Copy

They are in a mixed shrub border with Hardy Fuchsia, Geranium-Johnson Blue, and a smaller White variety …the name has left me.. the purple flower in the back is Blue Potato Vine( Solanum)

May 2013 004 - Copy

..a closer look..

May 2013 009 - Copy

Succulents in bloom….

Its time to put in a few more annuals…hate pulling up the pansies when they look so good

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