Greenhouse Update

May 2013 016

Everything in here is too crowded and access to the water is getting close to impossible..

May 2013 013

May 2013 012

we decided to rearrange and take the table out…

June 2013 009

I like this spot, its shady for most of the day so a nice cool area for potting and close to the hose for cleaning veggies.

Wow, it looks like there is so much when it’s out here..

June 2013 008  June 2013 006

More water lines needed to go in, which, I learned how to do, easy..

June 2013 007

The cucumbers are getting mold spots! They are moving out to the yard…I’m not sure if it’ll be worth trying to save them?

June 2013 003 June 2013 002 June 2013 004

The Begonias that I divided are ready to go into hanging baskets!

June 2013 001

Corn seeds from last year haven’t germinated, hmmm, not sure I’ll try them again…

June 2013 010

everything back in place, not a lot of walking room but more space and sun  for the plants ..

June 2013 011

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