Garlic Scapes

We have Scapes !

June 2013 013

I love these sautéed in Olive Oil..

June 2013 003

tossed with greens a pinch sea salt, lime, or lemon ..heat for 5 min.. voila!

June 2013 004

but…I  just read that harvesting them too early can reduce the production of the bulb

June 2013 001

when do you cut them?? It seems that may not be too clear…according to Henry from the Boundary Organic Garlic  Farm, they should have at least 2 curls in them. Looks like I cut mine too soon..

He’s doing an experiment on the development of the bulbs for us…something to watch if you love growing garlic…like I do 🙂

Check it out here..

2 thoughts on “Garlic Scapes

  1. Love it Thelma! Love it that you are experimenting and trying for yourself… learning from others but still doing yourself… then you will really know for yourself! thanks so much for sharing!! 🙂

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