Quick June Garden Update

Fuchsias from last year have been trimmed & transplanted

June 2013 001

Begonias too…

June 2013 002

The Greenhouse

June 2013 003

Brandywine Tomato Blossoms

June 2013 004


June 2013 006

More little ones..

June 2013 008

Strawberries are continuing to produce..

June 2013 005

More Seascape Strawberries to plant up, they are the best so far..

June 2013 009

Extra plants needing a home..

June 2013 010

Close up of Lima Beans..

June 2013 011

& Cauliflower

June 2013 012

Snap Peas

June 2013 013

& Snow Peas

June 2013 014

New Swiss Chard plants

June 2013 015

We have Russian Blue Potatoes flowering

June 2013 012

Potato Pots

June 2013 011

The Garden Beds are filling up…

June 2013 016

4 thoughts on “Quick June Garden Update

  1. oh my goodness Thelma! Everything is growing in leaps and bounds and beauty!! Your two are an inspiration to us all!!

    Thank you for sharing! Will share with fellow $2 Buck Market goers! – see you this Saturday?!

    Cheers, Laura

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