Plant Sale!

All of these pots needed to find a home, I didn’t count them but it was well over 30..with no room or pots to put them in

June 2013 006

In our community a couple  have started a  Market , the 2 Buck Market , check it out here

2 blocks from  home any one can attend to sell, trade or purchase produce , plants, seeds, pots..etc Brilliant! I had never been and  this past weekend was the first Market of the year, so the plants were packed up and off we went.

I sold and traded almost all the plants and came home with these amazing Mustard Greens and fresh Bay Leaves…

June 2013 010

Eggs 😉

June 2013 007

More Seeds…

June 2013 008

and plants….couldn’t resist..

June 2013 011

and a little money….

June 2013 006

The best part was  meeting and talking to neighbours, seeing and hearing about what they are growing. It was a real treat to see a young family whose kids were so excited about gardening, how cool!  I had a great time!  Sadly …. I didn’t get any pictures..

6 thoughts on “Plant Sale!

  1. Hi Thelma – what a terrific post! Thank you for sharing!!!

    Yes, it was a great first market of the season!! Best one yet!! and soooo wonderful that YOU were a part of it with your smiling face & heart, enthusiasm, and healthy-grown-with-love plants!

    Will be emailing and sharing pictures with the market goers soon, as well as posting on our FB page. Got some very nice ones of you! 🙂 Will share your blog again too!

    Hugs, Laura 🙂

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