Oh My…Catching up..July 2013

Wow, what a difference two weeks can make at this time of year….I had a really important Wedding to attend and family to visit, so the garden had to wait… What an amazing amount of growth occurred during this time. Thanks to a very attentive young lady who tended to all the watering, nothing was neglected! Thank-you Jenna πŸ™‚

The fava beans were bursting..

July 2013 001 - Copy - CopyJuly 2013 002 - Copy - Copy

Basil, Tomato’s, Peppers and Cucumbers were growing like crazy…I had created a monster!!

Basil needs to be harvested before going to flower..

July 2013 022

Tomatoes need to be thinned and cut back..

July 2013 008

Cucumbers need toΒ  be tied up…

July 2013 018

Peppers need more support..

July 2013 007

Garlic Scapes had to he harvested and processed.

July 2013 005

Kale was going to seed and Rhubarb needs to be cleaned up, and perhaps moved, this spot may be too hot in the after noon..

July 2013 006

Slugs were taking over the beans, we have mildew on the squash…Yikes …so much to do…

July 2013 004

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