Garlic Scape Pesto ..Who Knew it was so popular???

Garlic Scapes…

July 2013 023

we have an abundance…and I love them simply sautéed with greens.. there are so many , and I don’t want to waste these short term tasty morsels…

June 2013 013

so…what do you do with them?

Cut off the stalks,use them as a substitute for fresh garlic, they are a little more subtle, still  tasty…

be careful, part of the stalk can be very tough , I treat it like Asparagus and break it off at the tender spot..

I was so intrigued with all of the garlic scapes …and thinking …Wow …what can we do with these???

July 2013 005

…well, as I’ve learned it isn’t that new or novel, but I still wanted something I loved to eat …so I tried …several recipes…

July 2013 011

I’ve never been a Pesto “aficionado” but now … I  want  to be!! lol

what else do I do with these greens and all of the Basil that is growing like mad in  the greenhouse!

Well ,many Pesto recipes were tried and the one that I liked the best was very simple. I  didn’t process the olive oil, perhaps there is a chef out there that can explain this to me but all of the recipes that I blended the olive oil tasted bitter when I just mixed it in by hand it was sweet!!

July 2013 014

so some of the recipes were put into the freezer …without the cheese, it does seem that if cheese is added it is best to use it not to freeze it…a little left in jars to experiment with, or just to taste 😉 recipes to follow…

4 thoughts on “Garlic Scape Pesto ..Who Knew it was so popular???

  1. Mmm…we haven’t had enough basil yet to make pesto. Your photos make me want some! 🙂 Scapes are new to me too. I need to try them!

    1. Scapes are quite tasty and so mild compared to garlic bulbs, I haven’t done that much with them, sautéed and in pesto…that’s all…I have seen some amazing pictures on line, what some cooks are doing with these is amazing, it is such a short time that they are available..

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