more catching up ….

We had  5  beautiful cauliflowers and managed to use 2 before our trip they were perfect, we ran out of time to freeze the rest…

June 2013 012

this is what they looked like after 2 weeks..

July 2013 003 - Copy (2)

win some lose some…

July 2013 024

look at the beans, they are huge…are they going to be tough??

July 2013 015

some of the potato leaves had died, which seemed odd, they hadn’t  flowered yet… but I was really excited to see what the yield would be

July 2013 019

hmmm…well that was it, not quite 3 lbs…I dumped this to soon??? The straw is very wet..was I too good to them??

July 2013 020

so at the end of the day there was plenty to tend to, some things to toss., still, lots to eat 😉

July 2013 023

We started with the beans, shelling them..

July 2013 001


July 2013 002

and removing the beans from their skins…a lot of work but these are delicious

July 2013 003

we threw some in with a few other greens, a fresh shallot, from the garden & garlic scapes   …yum..

July 2013 004

the rest went in the freezer.

More catching up to follow….

10 thoughts on “more catching up ….

  1. I didn’t wait for my potatoes to flower either, and I will post a picture soon of what I got from the pots. The leaves were yellowing and wilting so I impatiently turned over the pots, and later read that you should wait until they flower. My other potatoes planted in the garden haven’t flowered either, but I’m waiting patiently for them.

    Your cauliflower is beautiful…to bad you missed them. The fava beans look fabulous. The deer have been eating my bean plants and my cucumber plants. I just cut Tera’s hair and put her beautiful golden locks all over the plants. Hope it deters those critters…

    1. it is all about learning…but tough when you have to wait a year to try again! Those darn deer… they do love our gardens…I have heard that human hair works, I hope it will deter them. Have also read that a pepper spray will work, hot peppers that is…or even a powder , like cayenne, as long as you know it won hurt your is a challenge , but at the same time fun to try to grow our own food…hard to imagine if we had to rely on our own skills like the homesteaders who built our country or our relatives from the old days, I often wonder how they coped??

      1. I’ve wondered that too…I think they just passed down all the knowledge and skills through the generations and we have lost them. So here we are, year after year, trying to make it work and learning from our mistakes. 🙂

        By the way, I’m sold on the potato buckets. Next year I just need to do more of them.

  2. I agree! I think I will try the pots again too, with a bit more attention to watering, or over watering…may leave out the straw and lighten the soil with something else…

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