More…catching up …cont’d July 2013

So many plants were looking sad. The Spaghetti and Summer Squash were covered in mildew…the peas were basically finished…they all came out…

July 2013 002

making room for yet another round of Carrots. This is the 3rd batch the other 2 were very disappointing…

Mesclen seeds were planted under the Cucumbers and a few Purple pole beans were put in. .maybe there is still enough time for them to grow ??

July 2013 016

I’m trying something new , covering the seeds with newspaper till they germinate. Hoping this will speed up the process. Will let you know how it works out!

July 2013 015

Broad Bean have been picked and cut down..leaving the Nitrogen rich roots in the ground…

So, I planted what I could for the fall…a few different lettuce seeds, peas, carrots, endive, kohlrabi, trying a few radishes in a cool wet spot, and  hoping a couple of squash seeds will still produce???

July 2013 010

These are the seedlings I started before my trip and have just transplanted them; Winter cabbage, Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts…

July 2013 008

still have a few more seed potatoes  to throw into pots…I wonder if its too late…we shall see 😉

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