All the fuss over Pesto…I think I’m getting it ….

I’ve grown Basil for years…yet…I have never made Pesto

The jars that I’ve bought I could take it or leave it…but now I can see why there is so much fuss…the taste of a Fresh Pesto is fabulous!

July 2013 011

That and the fact that the ingredients are only available , in abundance for a very short time. Also, a lot of fine ingredients go into making a small amount of this delicious sauce…

My first attempt was a Garlic Scape & Basil Pesto..I tried 4 different recipes….I can see why the Scapes are so coveted for this dish.,. They add so much substance to the pesto, so the volume made is much more substantial…and its a totally different flavour

Here are the ingredients from my favourite recipe, thanks to I quadrupled this one…

July 2013 007

Garlic Scapes-1/2 c. Basil-1/2 c.  packed tightly then chopped

July 2013 009

1/3 c. Pine nuts lightly toasted

July 2013 011

Juice of  1/2 Lemon, 1/2 c. Grated Parmesan Cheese & 1/3 c. of good quality Olive oil

July 2013 014

Salt& Ground Black Pepper to taste…I didn’t add salt, I find it salty enough once the cheese is added

Add everything except Cheese & Olive Oil( you could add the cheese but I wanted to  freeze some, this is best done without cheese)

July 2013 020

Process till finely chopped and a paste is formed…lightly mix in oil…this could also be done by hand to avoid over mixing..

July 2013 021

Voila mmmm pesto…

July 2013 024

This is only good in the fridge for a few days , freeze what is left over…

Then there is a Traditional Basil Pesto with Garlic Cloves..

The Basil has been beautiful this year..

July 2013 002

we also have our first Garlic Bulbs..

July 2013 026

Here is the recipe..

July 2013 027

Courtesy of…

!c shelled walnuts-lightly toasted

6 Garlic Scapes or 2 lg. Garlic Cloves ( I used the cloves)

6c. gently packed basil leaves then chopped

1 tsp. sea salt( I skipped this too)

1/4 tsp groud black pepper

Juice of 1 lemon

1/2 c. extra virgin olive oil

1/2 c parmesan reggiano (this is the best or use grand paderno)

mix and store  the same as above…


15 thoughts on “All the fuss over Pesto…I think I’m getting it ….

  1. Your basil does look fabulous! Our is getting eaten by something (grasshoppers?) which is really odd because basil usually does great for us! We haven’t had enough to make pesto yet. 😦

  2. Wow! I’m so impressed! Love getting pesto out of the freezer in the winter time…it’s such a treat. My garlic was a fail…tiny cloves. I’m going to plant it this year in the fall. Your garlic looks so nice and big. Like Sarah said the grasshoppers have been eating our basil that she has in her herb bed outside the kitchen door. What she doesn’t know is that the basil in the garden is looking good. 😉

    Have you tried pesto with cream cheese on toasted slices of sourdough french bread?

    1. We did plant garlic in the fall, some bulbs are a nice size several are small too, same soil, water and sun. Go figure…
      Sorry to hear about the grasshoppers, I take it that it could be worse ?
      No, I haven’t tried pesto like that but I’m going to now ! Thank-you for the idea, sounds sooo good 🙂

  3. So beautiful and delicious looking – what a treat to have you sharing all this! I have never had much luck with Basil. Is yours in sun or part shade? Have you tried Thai Basil too or other types? YUM!! ^_^
    Will share on the $2 Buck Market site for all to “mmmmmm” over! and you’ll inspire others! 😀
    Here’s the site in case others want a peak:
    Will you two be around this Saturday for the market, tours and potluck this wknd? Sure hope so!

    1. Thank-you Laura! The basil is in the greenhouse, it did get a lot of sun especially earlier in the season but not that much now. No I haven’t tried the Thai basil , I did try Lemon, last year , it was nice quite a different texture, lost the whole batch this year.., the Thai sounds interesting!
      I’m planning to be at the market, not sure about the rest of the day, will let you know for sure tomorrow! It sounds like fun! 🙂

      1. Will your basil winter over then in the greenhouse or are you letting some go to seed to plant again?
        Yes, Thai basil is oh so good!
        Looking forward to seeing you!… whatever you can make it for!

      2. Hi Laura, I don’t think I answered your question ..No the basil, DOESNT OVER WINTER, IT REALLY DOESNT LIKE COOL WEATHER,…oops sorry.. hit caps lock. I have never collected seed, only purchased it.

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