Wow…Cucumbers …check out the Greenhouse!

I haven’t tried growing these in years, you cant beat the taste of a warm sweet  cucumber freshly picked..

July 2013 001

I bought a few seedlings from a local nursery and put them in the greenhouse, they  were quickly covered in powdery mildew…so a couple went in the trash but 2 were saved and planted in the garden beds. On another trip to the nursery I couldn’t resist a few more and discovered that my problem was likely lack of air circulation…so here we go again…the fan is hooked up and we have 3 more in the greenhouse. They have gone crazy…yes that is then draping over my head…tied to the top of the greenhouse!

July 2013 028

Look at the size of the cucs , and they taste sooo sweet!

The peppers are also huge, the plants that is the actual peppers are just getting started.. that is what I’m tying up, they are double the size from last year, they obviously love the larger pots(2 gal)


July 2013 031

Strawberries are still producing, not a lot at one time but still a nice treat when tending to the other plants 😉

July 2013 030

2 thoughts on “Wow…Cucumbers …check out the Greenhouse!

    1. Thank-you, trying to find something for the ones outside for mildew..argh..
      Sounds like you’ll be enjoying yours soon…I was totally surprised how quickly they grow!

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