What Happened to July?

Here’s a few more highlights and events from last month…

These two look so pretty together,  Angels Fishing Rod, and Pink Hydrangea

July 2013 003

The final excavation of our Vegetable garden.We were thinking of digging it out ourselves..Crazy…it was a huge amount of material that came out of there…

July 2013 018

We harvested all of the Garlic 2 weeks ago….

July 2013 041

and hung them up to cure…

July 2013 042

160 bulbs…all different sizes but healthy

July 2013 047

Plums we raided from a neighbours tree 😉

July 2013 008 - Copy

well…nobody lives there..lol… we made Sour Plum Jam..

July 2013 032 - Copy

Mint for drying & Cucumbers..

July 2013 043 - Copy

more cucs..

July 2013 001

most of them are almost a foot long…

July 2013 025

tomatoes are also coming along nicely..

July 2013 012

Yukon Gold’s are small but very tasty..

July 2013 045

Basil is still producing

July 2013 002

Romaine is too..

July 2013 013

nothing like a Crab feast after all the hard work..lol..

July 2013 007

and to share with  family visiting from out of town 🙂

4 thoughts on “What Happened to July?

  1. Oh my, that was the crab feed of all time. And to eat it with your own fresh cukes, tomatoes, etc. was really great. SUCH a good family time, I will always remember it. Love you guys!

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