Sweet Summer Time

August is coming to an end ..sigh…

Aug. 2013 041

Here’s an update for the past few weeks

The Japanese Silk Tree ( Albizia) Has been amazing, covered in blossoms and providing some shade…finally  😉

Aug. 2013 044

We have had a consistent production of Strawberries, loads of cucumbers and tomatoes

Aug. 2013 004

so many cucumbers at one time … I really didn’t know what to do with them

Aug. 2013 003

I did some research with Google,  on making pickles , most didn’t recommend using slicers cucs , eventually, I found this old recipe, from the 1800s for Bread & Butter Pickles..so decided I didn’t have much to lose  and made it, with some help…

Aug. 2013 014

They are delicious, I’ll share the recipe later..

Aug. 2013 016

We’ve visited some local markets , these sunflower sprouts are so good , I have to grow some. We finally have some young zucchini plants , this is the 3rd attempt after losing the rest to slugs, so we may have our own zucchini yet and we have just picked the first of the eggplant!

Aug. 2013 008

Learned how to grow a 600 lb. pumpkin at a local farm. They hope it’ll make it over 900lbs..crazy!

Aug. 2013 074

Visited the Point Ellice House Garden, this is only part of their veggie bed, I’ll post more on it later..

Aug. 2013 063

Tried more new recipes …Chia Blueberry Jam, Have to admit, this is a healthy alternative but it’s not a favourite . I made another batch of good old-fashioned cooked Blueberry Jam, it is the best, in my opinion.

Aug. 2013 005

planted the last of my seed potatoes. Is this way too late? I guess we’ll find out 😉

Aug. 2013 011

Spent time visiting with my mom, who lives 600 miles away, she also enjoyed some garden time.

Aug. 2013 010

My sinks aren’t big enough to clean this baby..

Aug. 2013 083

there have been lots of beach visits too ..

Aug. 2013 068

13 thoughts on “Sweet Summer Time

  1. That cabbage is amazing! Ours always get so eaten up here before they even get going.
    Sarah made an incredible cold cucumber soup for dinner tonight. I hope she’ll post it on her blog. I know she blended grapes in it and we garnished it with roasted almonds. It was delicious! And a great way to use up all these cucumbers.
    Nice to see you again. 🙂

  2. I love savoy cabbage , this was a seedling I planted, purchased from a local nursery, the aphids, cabbage moth and slugs didn’t bother it, unlike the kale, broccoli and other cabbage seedlings that I’ve stated and had to cover, I’m trying a new cloth ” proteknet insect netting” hoping it’ll keep the critters out 😉
    That sounds like a great recipe I’ll look for it!
    Its been a busy summer, not a lot of time for catching up here 🙂

  3. Your pickles look SO good! I’m been having the same problem with cucumbers – so many at one time. I made a great gazpacho last night that used up two huge ones – cucumbers, green grapes, olive oil, red wine vinegar, lime juice, cilantro, salt and pepper to taste and toasted almonds to top it off. Everyone liked it a lot and it sure helped me out! 😀

  4. LOVE the photos! Your mum looks like she really enjoyed it. That is an awesome cabbage. We have had NO rain for over a month now, and the raspberries are hating it….

  5. Love you garden! The fresh veggies and strawberries were delicious! Just wanted to point out that the picture of the pumpkin was from The Roost/Highland House where we had a wonderful dinner of oven fired pizzas and then were treated to a tour of the farm!

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