Fresh ..From the Garden Today

Peppers, Basil, Cherry Toms and Fairy tale Eggplant…

Sept. 2013 015

Calendula, Baby Chard, Arugula & Burnet , this was lunch with a few strawberries and candied pecans 🙂

Sept. 2013 007

Scarlett Runner Beans , drying the seeds and the first of the Autumn Peas…

Sept. 2013 016

Asters in full bloom ….

Sept. 2013 014

7 thoughts on “Fresh ..From the Garden Today

  1. Hi Thelma!
    Beautiful and inspirational at the same time – once more!
    Question: your Scarlett Runner Beans – are you drying them off the vine? We’ve left ours hoping they will dry and then we pick 😕
    Did you try the chia jam recipe yet with blackberries – it was much better than the blueberry jam I first tried. pic on FB.
    Hugs, Laura

  2. Thank-you Laura!
    Yes, I am trying to dry them off the vine, what you are doing is the preferred method 🙂 They were getting so darn big, so its another experiment .. lol..will let you know if it works. I haven’t made the jam yet with Blackberries, I did see that on FB and will try it soon 🙂
    Hugs to you too!

  3. Love this!! Your photos only get better. My mouth waters every time I look. Just got a gallon of fresh milk (like, pouring into the tank right from the old Holsteins as I watched), and a couple of dozen fresh eggs, from the dairy farm down the road. She gave me lots of tomatoes, cabbage, etc – will have LOTS of extra cucumbers for me next time! So I’m going to try your bread-and-butter pickle recipe. (The farm-wife, Lois, had just put up 30 quarts of pickles that day….!!!)

    1. Thanks Cathy! That would be cool living so close to local farmers! The pickles are really good and its easy! Wow! 30 quarts that would take some time! I’m always amazed at the amount of work farmers and their wives do, my Granma was the same, no wasted time ever, of course not having a TV or any other electronics to distract would help 😉

      1. yes, aren’t we fortunate here!
        when we were eating eggs the odd time, we would get them across the highway from Dianne and Doug at Brambly Hedge Farm on John Rd. and would hear all sorts of stories about there free ranging under the trees in the sunlight chickens. one of whom she nursed with polysporin after it got an eye infection! 😀
        anyhoo… isn’t it great the connection and understanding and appreciation for local farmers that we all have now from growing some of our own food!

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