Celery Pesto?

Were you wondering what to do with all of those celery leaves, it seems such a waste to discard them…

Oct. 2013 014

I just had this conversation last night! Well..Ā Laura , this is for you šŸ˜‰

Oct. 2013 015

I found several websites today with recipes and nutritional info on the use of Celery Leaves…don’t throw them away, they are the best part of the plant, and you can use them in Pesto!

Oct. 2013 012

Ok, I haven’t tried this…. yet…. but I’m excited to give a go since I have so much Celery, I love pesto..Ā and it almost time to harvest all of it!

Oct. 2013 013

I’ve grown Tall Utah, it has really long slender stems and loads of green leaves

Oct. 2013 001

they can be chopped into salads, stir-fry’s, soups, stews, dried or frozenĀ …

Oct. 2013 011

They can also be used in green smoothies!

Check out these links below if you would like the recipes or moreĀ informationĀ !