In my garden today..Thanks Giving day…..

Its a been a beautiful weekend 🙂

Oct. 2013 008

Here’s what is happening in the garden

Oct. 2013 006

Yellow Zucchini

Oct. 2013 005

Purple Pole Peas

Oct. 2013 002

We still have Strawberries growing in the greenhouse gutters..

Oct. 2013 019


Oct. 2013 003

I love Arugula, just planted a few more rows..

Oct. 2013 010


Oct. 2013 001

…lots of Celery

Oct. 2013 005

Radish’s are just sprouting and a another couple of rows seeded…

Oct. 2013 009

Snow Peas

Oct. 2013 007

Swiss Chard & Butternut Squash..

Cabbage & Brussel Sprouts are growing like crazy. Lots of greenery…but that’s it…

Here are some seasonal treats from our local gardens 🙂

Oct. 2013 001

Gourds & Dahlias..

Oct. 2013 010

another bouquet of Dahlias..

Oct. 2013 004

& Pumpkin Pie…ok not from the garden..but it is  Thanks giving 😉

I am so thank-full for the many blessings in my life…..For all my Canadian family & friends, Happy Thanks Giving! For all of my far away family & friends, thinking of you always & thankful to have all of you in my life!!!

10 thoughts on “In my garden today..Thanks Giving day…..

  1. as usual… de-Light-full. beautiful, and Inspire-ational… and Thanks-Giving-Full! Happy Thanksgiving, Thelma!
    I tried some of Sandy’s Arugula at the last market… and loved it! Am going to purchase some WestCoast Seeds from Dig This, this week! mmmm… in a winter salad, yum!

    1. Thank-you Laura! Yes I’m hoping to have it through the winter too, fingers crossed it doesn’t get too cold! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day as well!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jeff and family! You have really developed an amazing green thumb since we have last seen each other Thelma! I do enjoy all the varieties of veggies out there from out local Farmers Market but Hockey and Ballet keep me too busy to grow any!😊 Your bounty looks wonderful! -and the pies too! Bye for now. Louise

    1. Thank-you Louise! It certainly does take some time, but I do really enjoy working in the garden! LOL, yes two busy teenagers will keep you running! I posted this so late last night but I do hope you, Bob & your family had a lovely Thanksgiving as well! xoxo

  3. Oh, this looks SOOO good, especially the strawberries and the pumpkin pies…. our short Minnesota growing season is at an end, and the frost and snow are about to hit us hard. It’s lovely to see all the good green things in your garden. I’ll be up to see them in person in a few weeks, hope some stuff is still growing! A Happy, blessed Thanksgiving to you, Jeff, Mum, and Neeka.

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