Celery Almond Pesto …Yum!

What to do with all of your beautiful celery greens? This recipe is a hit..

Oct. 2013 015

Thank-you to –


I found her recipe for Celery Almond Pesto; mine is just a little different!

Oct. 2013 009

I used 4c of celery leaves

1/3 cup of whole almonds (not blanched)

2 large garlic cloves

1/3 cup parmigiano reggiano

2/3 cup olive oil( this is a little too much for me)

Lemon juice to taste

Chopped nuts and garlic together, grated the cheese

Oct. 2013 011

added to celery leaves and blended, slowly adding olive oil

Oct. 2013 012

then stirred in the lemon juice…

Look at the color of this. I hope its as intense on your screen, it is so vibrantย  and so is the flavor! More mildย and sweeter than basil or garlic space pesto’s. Don’t throw away your greens….you should really try it ๐Ÿ™‚

Oct. 2013 013

13 thoughts on “Celery Almond Pesto …Yum!

  1. Finally tried this recipe! It was DELICIOUS!
    Although mine was not the beautiful, vibrant green yours was! I don’t think I used enough celery leaves as they are hard to measure to ‘4cups’. I also added ground pumpkin seeds for extra protein along with the almonds.
    Oh yum! Will definitely be making this again!
    haha! first tried it in my blender… then dumped it in to a mini-processor… as the ‘normal size’ one is packed away for a garage sale. Might have to dig it out. But I love your kitchenAid one!

    1. That’s great Laura! Thank-you for letting me know! Mmmm I’ll have to try it with the pumpkin seeds! Did you use nutritional yeast? I just picked some up, so not sure how much to use when substituting it for parm…

      Its amazing how it decreases in volume, I try to use the blender too but often finish it with our mini processer ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. yes, I substituted nutritional yeast flakes for the parmigiano, same amount, 1/3 c.

        BTW, a good recipe for vegan parmigiano from ‘The Uncheese Cookbook’ is:
        1c nutritional yeast flakes
        1/2 c raw almonds (blanched and patted dry (though I don’t do this))
        1/2tsp salt
        Place all ingredients in a food processor (I use a coffee grinder) and process for several minutes until the almonds are very finely ground. Sore in a tightly sealed container in the frig.

        Nutritional yeast has a nice ‘cheesy’ flavour but a funny texture if you just sprinkle it on foods… so the ‘parmigiano’ is good to use as the ground almonds add a nice texture and colour to the dish.
        I didn’t bother making this for the Pesto recipe though because there were already almonds in the recipe.

      2. Thank-you Laura! I didn’t use the nutritional yeast for pesto, but I did use some pumpkin seeds! I’m going to experiment a little with it for topping veggies, I like the idea of mixing it with almonds.. I also read that mixing it with miso gives it a really nice flavour,will to try that too. I like that its a good nutritional supplement and a change from cheese. Which I love, way too much..lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

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