If you go out in the woods today……. look for mushrooms!

Oct. 2013 001

I finally remembered to bring my camera this morning on my hike through Horth Hill..

Oct. 2013 003

its been perfect  growing conditions here in the pacific northwest

Oct. 2013 004

they are everywhere..

Oct. 2013 005

different shapes &  sizes

Oct. 2013 006

some are very colorful!

Oct. 2013 007

and small..

Oct. 2013 008

Oct. 2013 009


Oct. 2013 010

Oct. 2013 011

and large , the size of a dinner plate…

Oct. 2013 012

too bad they aren’t edible

Oct. 2013 013

I’m assuming that or they would be gone…lol!

Oct. 2013 014

I’m not about to try…

Oct. 2013 016

they are simply a feast for my eyes..

Oct. 2013 015

and maybe yours too 😉

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