Celery Harvest in Nov…

Last week we pulled up the celery, approx..12 plants

Nov. 2013 002

they were big with lots of leaves..

Nov. 2013 001

since I do like to push the limit with some plants and not really knowing what to do with all of it, ha, ha……I decided to try transplanting a couple to a warm spot covering them with lots of mulch..

Nov. 2013 003

they are still looking good..

Nov. 2013 008

Now..what to do with all of the celery…hmmm …I’ve made more  pesto with the leaves,  saving some for smoothies..

Nov. 2013 009

chopped up a little for the freezer to use in stews, soups etc..

Nov. 2013 010

The heart of this celery is so sweet, unlike the stems…

Nov. 2013 011

I found an easy recipe for Cream Of Celery soup with out the cream…

Inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Cream Of Celery

Celery-1 head

Onions-1 large

Garlic- 1 clove

Sweat in a small amount of olive oil till tender, add seasonings and 1 Lt of Vegetable of Chicken Bouillon( I used low sodium)

Dried Dill-to taste ( I didn’t have parsley)

Pinch of cardamom ( I didn’t have Nutmeg)

Black Pepper to taste

simmer for approx. 15 min

Then I added a couple of tbsp. of Celery pesto

Nov. 2013 012

let cool..

Nov. 2013 013


Nov. 2013 015

Garnish with plain yogurt..

didn’t miss the cream at all 😉

we made several batches that are now in the freezer ..

8 thoughts on “Celery Harvest in Nov…

    1. Thank-you! It takes a long time grow, I started them from seed in Feb., pretty easy otherwise. I’m sure they would grow there , the heat in summer may make them go to seed a bit early. I kept them in the most shady spot here, but you don’t necessarily need them to fully mature you can pinch away at the plant as it grows, it’ll keep growing and look little more bushy! I love Cream of celery too, this recipe will make you think there is some cream in there 😉

    1. It turned out better than I hoped. It is nice to go out and clip a few leaves or stalks when you need them, you can start doing this when the plants are small. They are pretty easy to grow from seed 😉

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