Meyer Lemon Trees & Marion Berries

The trip to Bob Duncan’s Nursery was successful  & so informative! Wow what an interesting operation, amazing what you can grow with some ingenuity!

Oh, the temptation 😉

Jan. 2014 002

we came home with 2  Meyer Lemons and a Marion Berry..

sigh…they are pretty small so it may be a while before we have any, there is a little lemon forming and a few blossoms 😉

 Jan. 2014 003

Here is his website if you’re interested, his You Tube videos are also good!

Bob Duncan’s Fruit Trees & More

A couple of other items had to be ordered, so we will wait till April to write about those …fingers crossed that these babies will grow….

4 thoughts on “Meyer Lemon Trees & Marion Berries

  1. Happy New Year Thelma!

    … and you’re off! … to an amazing start of the gardening season ahead! Lemons and Marion berries! yum! We are still going to be giving you the Boysenberry… Thomas checked it at the end of the summer and oddly it hadn’t produced a good enough root system to chance giving it to you.

    We still haven’t made it to Bob and Verna’s. Had a great talk with her at the North Saanich Farm Market last summer. Although tempting to acquire more produce, we’ve got so much to do with landscaping etc that we’ve put it on hold… except grafting and propagating grapes for the ‘vineyard’ once the old workshop is torn down! This summer?? 😉

    Happy New Year to you both!
    Cheers, Laura 😀 & Thomas 😀

    PS what are the ‘couple of other items had to be ordered’ – are you keeping us in suspense? 😉

    1. Happy New Year Laura & Thomas !!! We would still love a boysenberry 🙂
      You would enjoy having a tour with Bob, even though they are officially closed this time of year you just have to call to make an appointment. It is incredible what they are growing! I don’t know why we waited so long to see them,..
      No big secret,, we ordered a couple more Marion berries , a bearss lime and a fig tree !
      Sounds like you have your hands full with projects this year!
      Bye for now 🙂

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