Paperwhites : Narcissus tazetta

Jan. 2014 007

Have you ever tried growing these? It’s my first time!

Jan. 2014 008

This set was a Christmas present,  5 bulbs, some porous rocks, a plastic liner & the box with the bulbs on top of the rocks , set the base of the bulb into the rocks , add indoor garden!

Jan. 2014 010

this is after 2 weeks, they are almost ready to bloom…amazing!

Jan. 2014 016

they get quite tall, I fed them alcohol as per instructions, to stunt their growth

Jan. 2014 004

perhaps they needed more,  I just tied them up

Jan. 2014 001

the blossoms are incredibly fragrant & beautiful!

Jan. 2014 002

The petals are luminous, can you see the shimmer?

Jan. 2014 005

I tried to capture that in this painting …

Jan. 2014 001

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