Its time to get started ….

Yes..indeed, it does seem early but look …the first crocus in the yard πŸ™‚

Jan. 2014 022

If you haven’t already, sow some seeds indoors: onions & leeks… oops πŸ˜‰ this should have been done last month in the Northwest…

Jan. 2014 014

We just used the last of our Shallots ( Ambition), they were amazing , Β we’ll grow them again, along with Walla Walla onions., this is the 2nd crop that we started in Aug. Green onions are going in as well..Broad Beans are next, directly in the garden after this week of frosty weather passes.

Jan. 2014 024

which reminds me … the Hummingbirds are relying on their feeders especially in freezing temps, they need to be kept full & thawed out…

Well…there is more planning to do, sorting out seeds and adding to the collection…lol..then plant…here we go… Β πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Its time to get started ….

  1. Well, I’d be so jealous if we were in Minnesota right now! But it sort of takes the edge off, being here with all the flowers and greenery. Looking forward to seeing your new garden!

  2. Hey Thelma..great to see Neeka at the park tonight with Jeff..any ideas on feefint the flocks of robins who have arrived?

    1. maybe they are looking for food, we’ve had some in the yard all winter, they love the pyracantha berries but only when it’s really cold. You could try some fresh or frozen berries, I’ve put out raisins but they didn’t eat them. I,ve read that they will go for apple slices , blueberries,strawberries etc.

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