Seedy Saturday

This is a popular Garden/Seed Show & Sale , Its been years since I’ve been , it was interesting and busy..I’m not such a fan of crowds, it was awkward to take pictures and difficult to get to the tables,

Feb. 2014 001

especially the mushroom guys! Their kits were very cool , and what a great selection  Oyster,Shiitake, Chanterelle, Portobello, Crimini or White Button mushrooms, one table was pretty much sold out in 1 1/2 hrs…Wow, the other had a limited selection left, we didn’t take one but we’ll go back to see him !

Feb. 2014 002

there were lots of plants and seedlings

Feb. 2014 017

oh yes and seeds…..with out much patience for waiting and jostling in line , only a few came home  😉

Feb. 2014 012

I did find some organic  seed potatoes , a Lee Valley Gardening catalogue, Love looking through them..

Feb. 2014 016

This is what I was looking for !

Oca ( Oxalis tuberosa or New Zealand Yams) & Sun-chokes  ( Jerusalem Artichokes)

I’ve read that they are a great  winter staple harvested late in the year. Once you have them you don’t need to purchase tubers again just save a few to put back in the garden. I’ve added a link to these as well with nutrition information !

Thank-you to the kind lady for giving me a warning regarding  Sun chokes,  it will spread so if you aren’t diligent with digging them up you may regret planting it…hmmmm, maybe a big pot will work 🙂

20 thoughts on “Seedy Saturday

  1. I used to grow Jerusalem artichokes a long, long time ago. They are wonderful! I always forget about them now. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂
    I’m like you, not a crowd person, but I’ll have to see if they have something like this out here. Those mushrooms look amazing!!!

    1. I’ve never tasted Jerusalem Artichokes, they sound good, hopefully they aren’t too invasive 🙂 Seedy Sat. used to be more of a seed/plant exchange, ,its become quite commercial, not in a bad way its still mostly local business

  2. Oca should do very well for you on the island. Unless you’re right on the water, you’ll probably benefit from some frost protection starting in late October. You really want to keep them going until the end of November if possible.

    And, yes, beware the sunchokes. On the up side, they’re indestructible. On the down side, they’re indestructible.

    1. The lady I purchased the Oca from has grown them for years, she lives near by, I’m looking forward to trying it! I appreciate the heads up for frost protection and the reality check for the Sunchokes! I’ll spend some time checking out your blog and website, they look very interesting!:) Thank-you for stopping by!

  3. hey is there a leaf difference between regular sunchokes and the red varieties besides the tuber color? i have them mixed up when i planted them

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