March Update

Winter finally arrived, Feb was a crazy month…

Feb. 2014 015

still lots to do indoors like starting seeds..

Feb. 2014 019

this has been my grow light set up for a few years..

it worked well enough..but this year we decided to start a little more than usual..

Feb. 2014 020

this is what we came up with , Jeff did a great job building it 🙂

Feb. 2014 021

its in our home office, for now, planning to  find a home for it in the garage, if its not too cold…

Feb. 2014 022

it makes a huge difference having more light

Feb. 2014 023

the snow didn’t last long , now its time to clean up and plant a few things that over due…

Feb. 2014 031

I had hoped to dig this bed up before Xmas for winter potatoes

Feb. 2014 033

I thought there may be a few and  by now they would be mush…

Feb. 2014 032

there wasn’t many but all of them were beautiful, no bugs and a nice size!

Feb. 2014 034

Enough for dinner 😉

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