Spring Flowers & Seedlings

Its been 2 weeks since I took these pictures, and already so much has changed in the Garden! Here’s the update anyways, I’m late posting it..

My apologies to friends and family on the other side of the rock pile ( you know who you are )… don’t hate me 😉

Apr. 01 2014 026

Rosemary In Bloom

Apr. 01 2014 019

Heather & Daffodils

Apr. 01 2014 018

Pansies & Tulips almost ready to bloom..

Apr. 01 2014 024

Magnolia Buds

Apr. 01 2014 034

Re potting seedlings

Apr. 01 2014 035

I’ve added a few pictures of the veggie beds also..

Apr. 01 2014 037


Apr. 01 2014 032

Apr. 01 2014 027

Apr. 01 2014 029

These will have to come out pretty soon, to make way for the new seedlings..

We’ve planted potatoes in a couple of beds and over them, planted Mustard Greens and Corn Salad!  Kale & Spinach starts are ready to go in and the Strawberries are getting transplanted, today, into the gutters and back in the Greenhouse! Well I had better get some work done…will follow up again shortly! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Spring Flowers & Seedlings

    1. Perfect for some things! It is amazing how we sneak pass the really harsh winters. our zone is a USDA zone 9a, we are very lucky northerners! Subtropical and Mediterranean plants will grow quite well.

    1. Really? I didn’t know that! I love it too! It needs to be replaced, one side was hit by frost pretty bad, its very lopsided at the moment. Hate to see it go, its been there forever…

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