Growing Strawberries in Gutters (Update)

Apr. 2014 021

This year we rearranged the gutters in the greenhouse.

Apr. 2014 005

Adding 2 more to the back of the greenhouse, giving us another 14 ft. and 18 plants…they are really small , bare root plants and planted much closer

Apr. 2014 003

It may be hard to see them, they are on the right. I was very happy to find the Tristar variety this year. Another ever-bearing, they are supposed to be superior in producing berries and disease resistance. I’ve never purchased bare root plants before, so when I was told each pot had 10 plants, I was reluctant to believe it, hmmm.. and came home with an extra 20 plants…ha! Good thing they were really well priced 🙂

Apr. 2014 002

Last years plants were all over wintered in the raised bed , these are the ones we kept! All  Seascape, 20 of them are now in the gutters that are on the east wall.

Apr. 2014 001

The rest of the Tristar have a home in the raised bed next to the garage on a hot south facing wall along with the new lemon & lime trees! Tomatoes & cucumbers will also be planted here! Cant wait, this warm weather is tempting me to get them in the ground now 😉

An update from what we did last year; We found that the gutters with the stones added for drainage didn’t work well, especially for replanting, plus the west facing wall was too hot and the gutters dried out too fast. Perhaps the other varieties are still worth while trying but for now we will just stick with the most hardy (Seascape & Tristar)

Here is the link to last years post, if you would like to see what we have been working on!


4 thoughts on “Growing Strawberries in Gutters (Update)

  1. I’m jealous. It is finally getting above freezing at night here; my few strawberries are leafing out. This year I’m going to try putting bird netting over them so MAYBE I’ll get some!

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