June 1st- Jam Making Begins!

Strawberry & Rhubarb from The Garden 🙂

May 2014 007

This is the 2nd year  in this bed, Rhubarb doesn’t like to be moved, still, we’re able to harvest quite a bit!

005 - Copy

The size of the leaves always amaze me

May 2014 003

The Strawberries are from the Greenhouse Gutters…

June 2014 002

just short a pound…

June 2014 003

along with 2 lbs + of Rhubarb

June 2014 009

more than enough for exactly 5  1/2 pint jars 🙂

This recipe is super simple and so delicious!

Here’s where I found it…


5 thoughts on “June 1st- Jam Making Begins!

  1. Oh, yum!!! I love rhubarb. Just made a rhubarb and strawberry tart last week. I wish I could grow it here, but I think it’s just too hot. Your jam looks fabulous!

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