June…time has passed so quickly

Here’s a quick update ! So much going on and it changes , fast,  anyone else feeling that way? It seems as though the Swiss Chard just came out of here! It was only just over 3 weeks ago..

May 2014 006

the Tomatoes , Butter Lettuce and Peas  are now taking over…

May 2014 020

more Peas are spilling out on the other side of the Fava Beans…

May 2014 022

We can finally start enjoying them 🙂

May 2014 043

along with beautiful Radishes! They grow much better in pots, for me ..

May 2014 006

some are huge, but  still tender …

May 2014 002

&  tasty  😉

May 2014 012

Pak-Choi & Spinach was also amazing in pots, the first batch is finished , Arugula has also been pulled out, seeds are started for the next round…

May 2014 001

First of the baby Beets ..

May 2014 016

the Garlic looked  Great!  Now it has Rust…grrr…I’m hoping,it isn’t passed onto the onions…

May 2014 013

Gardeners Delight Cherry Toms in Pots, the Onion & Beet bed is in behind…

May 2014 010

Potatoes in the pots and garden are starting to flower…

May 2014 009

Vine Tomatoes ( Brandy Wine & Big Boy) are also producing flowers, and getting taller …

May 2014 004

nothing like the ones in the Greenhouse 🙂

May 2014 005

they have already set fruit..

May 2014 014

I wonder how big that Jerusalem Artichoke is going to get…that’s the one in the middle..hmmm…

May 2014 018

More starters…hard to imagine we need to be thinking about fall and winter planting now..but yes indeed, it is time, for a few things…Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower & Broccoli …

May 2014 012

Busy time but it is  worth it! 🙂

6 thoughts on “June…time has passed so quickly

  1. That artichoke has me scared – is that the same kind that you gave me? I doubt they will grow as big here though!! The garden looks great. I’m still worried about frost here – supposed to be -1 on Thursday night. 😦

    1. No its a different variety, under good conditions can still get pretty big, its a Green Globe. Yikes -1…you may want to cover the Artichoke with newspaper, & a pot. Hows the Rosemary doing? It is tougher and should handle the drop in temp.

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