Too Much Arugula? Make Pesto !

Our little patch of Arugula a month ago…

May 2014 004

quickly bolted , as it does when the weather warms up…

June 2014 002

with so much to use , I Googled Pesto recipes 🙂

June 2014 005

One recipe made 1/2 pint + …..Had to share with you as requested by Lynda 😉

I found the recipe here

I left out the Parmesan , I like to add it with pasta. I  also didn’t use basil and substituted it with ..what else…. Arugula!

Its really good!

2 thoughts on “Too Much Arugula? Make Pesto !

  1. Thelma, this looks delish. Genie is giving me some garlic scapes tonight so that is what I’ll be doing but for sure next time I have Arugula I’ll be trying this. I saw a recipe for a white pizza with artichokes and spinach and I’m thinking this might really go well on it as they said to top it with Arugula…I’ll let you know.

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