June Garden Update

Whats happening in the veggie garden? Here’s a quick look…

June 2014 016

that’s it for the garlic scapes! The patty pan squash are just starting to develop..

June 2014 020

its looking green 🙂

June 2014 023

I wonder how big the Jerusalem Artichoke will get???

June 2014 022

Can you see my garden helper hiding behind the Kale? Her usual spot, in the shade …

June 2014 024

The other handsome helper !

June 2014 002

The last of the Winter Mustard Greens , have been made into Pesto, It is unbelievably delicious! I used the same Arugula Pesto recipe, just using the different Greens with Roasted Walnuts , Lemon Zest & Juice, Garlic , Olive Oil Salt & Pepper! Done, its in the freezer…along with…

July 2013 009

Garlic Scape Pesto!  There was just enough Basil for a small batch, I also used some mint with scapes for another , this turned out to be a very nice combination ! I guess I am hooked on this stuff and the freezer is starting to fill up  once again 🙂

Thank-you Lynda & Sheila for the tip on Freezing Garlic Scapes 🙂  I’m doing this for sure!

How To Freeze Garlic Scapes:

Wash & dry your scapes, cut them up and cover with a little olive oil, put them in the freezer.



6 thoughts on “June Garden Update

  1. Thelma, you have an incredibly green thunb, which means that you put in a lot of work! My veggie garden (when I had one) never looked as neat and tidy as yours. 🙂

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