July : In The Garden

Summer has truly arrived …

July 2014 016

I planted lots of Cosmos, one of my favorites for cut flowers too..

July 2014 043

Angels Fishing Rod flowering..

July 2014 044

more Cosmos..

July 2014 003

The Greenhouse Tomatoes ( Money Maker) have reached the roof

July 2014 004

and have several tomatoes…

July 2014 001

Thai Dragon Peppers are flowering..

July 2014 051

Cherry  Hot has a nice ripe pepper..

July 2014 005

Basil is taking off…

July 2014 006

Garlic has been pulled and hung up in the woodshed to dry…

July 2014 071

First of the Lemon Cucumbers ..

July 2014 008

Strawberries are slow but still in flower..


First tomatoes of the season

July 2014 093

Walla Walla Oions…

July 2014 028

all of the Peas have been picked along with Fava Beans, the plants have been pulled out to make room for Eggplant and Gypsy Peppers July 2014 032

I love fresh peas and cant resist pulling a few off every time I walked by 🙂 I could have timed a second planting better…oh well..next year. The second crop has just been  planted,  for Fall….

7 thoughts on “July : In The Garden

  1. My lemon cucumbers are just starting – can’t wait. Are these the same artichokes as the plants that you gave me in May? If so….mine are about 2 feet tall. The leaves are huge and they look healthy, but no sign of much else happening!

    1. Hi Aileen, I love the lemon cucs, they are fun to grow! No your artichoke is different, it is a Green Globe,it should get about 4 feet tall before it flowers, they like heat, so, fingers crossed that the weather co-operates 🙂

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