Sweet Summer Time

Its been a rare summer …

July 2014 006

with an abundance of beautiful warm sunny days, so perfect for the garden.

July 2014 036

Tomatoes, beans, and summer squash are prolific πŸ™‚

Aug. 2014 013

Its fun to reap the benefits, after patiently waiting , watching & watering…

July 2014 054

Finally, Β some nice carrots Β πŸ™‚

July 2014 002

Growing them in pots has worked well!

Aug. 2014 001

Red & Purple Potatoes

July 2014 043

Money Maker Β & Black Krim Tomatoes

July 2014 003

Strawberries , more beans & cherry toms…

July 2014 044

Romaine Lettuce

Aug. 2014 012

Yes…more tomatoes..

Aug. 2014 010

Gardeners Delight Cherry Toms

Aug. 2014 008

The Black Krim have been amazing…

Aug. 2014 009

look how big they are…

Aug. 2014 007

more beans…

July 2014 012

Walla Walla Onions are drying in the sun…

Aug. 2014 016

Now …what should I do with these???


12 thoughts on “Sweet Summer Time

  1. Thelma, I AM NOT BEING COMPLIMENTARY…. Honestly, these photos, this garden; you SOOOO need to be published as a home gardening expert and example. These pictures are wonderful. Talk about what research, love, and work can accomplish. I am so very proud of you and Jeff. (I’m sure Neeka helped, ha ha!)

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