Today : In the Garden

just picked …

Sept. 2014 006

with my little shadow…

Sept. 2014 004

Heres a few pictures of the garden:

Celery & Beans

Sept. 2014 007

Brussel Sprouts & Peas

Sept. 2014 008

Tomatoes, Eggplant, Peppers & Yellow Beans

Sept. 2014 009

The 12 ft Jeruselum Artichoke…Yikes!

Sept. 2014 012


8 thoughts on “Today : In the Garden

  1. Your garden is still producing, and looks fabulous…mine is pretty much done, except for some jalapeno peppers and basil. Your weather must be wonderful! Tell me, do your carrots taste good? Do you have any tips for growing good carrots?

    1. It has been an unusal year for us, the weather has been warm and dry, perfect for the garden, no complaints πŸ™‚ This is the first year for us to successfully grow carrots, and they do taste good πŸ™‚ I grew them in pots, starting the seeds in the green house then moved them outside. The only tip I have is to keep the seeds moist till they germibnate then thin them. I used a fine seedling mix on the top of seeds and the soil is Compost, Soil , Peatmoss & Pearlite, mixed with a cup of aorganic fertlizer. These are Nante Carrots, they dont get too long , I thought that might be better for pots.

  2. I shouldn’t have opened your email yet I just had to see what summer looks like! We’re experiencing winter!!! The dreaded four letter word dropped a heap of wet snow and we’re supposed to get more! Sure hope this isn’t a sign of a cold winter to come. P.S. Your garden is reaping the rewards of your hard work, sunshine and warm weather — it’s beautiful :0)

  3. Your “shadow” looks very sweet. πŸ™‚ Produce looks amazing too, like always! I think our last batch of tomatoes came in yesterday. 😦 I will miss them.

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