Organic Pickled Green Tomatoes !

Cooler evenings and damp weather have arrived .

Sept. 2014 001

Which means many plants are finished for the year.

Sept. 2014 010

The tomatoes have been amazing, now, we have loads of green tomatoes !

Sept. 2014 012

I’m trying something new, has anyone else made these?

Sept. 2014 013

Pickled Green Tomatoes!

Sept. 2014 014

I’ve read several different methods, some people seem to prefer canning others just store them in the fridge.

Sept. 2014 016

I chose to can them, along with some Thai Dragon & Cherry Hot Peppers.

Sept. 2014 021

I havent tasted them yet 🙂

Sept. 2014 023

Fingers crossed, hoping they will be edible !

The recipe that inspired me is here…

2 thoughts on “Organic Pickled Green Tomatoes !

    1. I decided to open a jar, its only been 2 weeks, they are good, not crunchy like pickles, but the flavor is nice and the peppers are adding a bit of heat! 🙂

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