Oct: In the Garden

I know, It’s Nov 1st!

Here’s a few pictures of what has been happening 🙂

Carrots grown in pots, worked well , I’ll do that again next year…we still have 3 pots to harvest

Oct. 2014 008

The last of our cucumbers were  pickled..

Oct. 2014 021

Strawberries are still looking good..

Oct. 2014 002

All the peppers have been pulled out of the Green House and are slowly drying..

Oct. 2014 003

Sigh…this was the last of our fresh basil & dill

Oct. 2014 004

Oct. 2014 005

The Tomatoes were still blooming mid Oct

Oct. 2014 006

and some were ripening on the vine

Oct. 2014 054

but it was time to clear the beds..

Oct. 2014 055

Thee end of a great Tomato season-

Oct. 2014 008

I’m still hoping to get some Brussel Sprouts for Christmas…

Oct. 2014 011

Crazy Big Celery, and it is still growing…

Oct. 2014 013

Beans and peas are now finished..

Oct. 2014 003

Scarlet Runners for seed saving

Oct. 2014 044

Their flowers & vines are so pretty and hardy, but they have to go….

Oct. 2014 045

Planted Garlic on Oct. 10 ( the earliest ever for us)

Oct. 2014 033

Taking advantage of a nice fall day ..

Oct. 2014 058

Potato Pots were emptied, they did much better this year!

Oct. 2014 004

The Crazy Artichoke plant was cut down, it must have been close to 12ft!

Oct. 2014 026

A gift from friends

Oct. 2014 009

used for …Brandied Apple Butter…

Oct. 2014 014

& Apple Pie

Oct. 2014 017

Its been a busy month …

Oct. 2014 020


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