Nov: Winter is Coming…

and it looks like we are ready for Christmas 🙂

Nov. 2014 007

but, we’re not 🙂  These lights are  just what we need to keep our Lemon & Lime trees happy through the winter…

Nov. 2014 006

good old fashioned 7w Christmas lights! Right now we only have enough for the lime, I’ll be searching for more..

Nov. 2014 005

In the meantime, they are all covered with frost cloth; a trouble light & heating mat will keep the other 2 warm should the temps. dip below 3C

Nov. 2014 013

The winter veggies need  winter protection too….

Nov. 2014 019

Garlic has really grown since we planted them in Oct. I’ve never seen them grow this fast! Is that good? Bad?

Nov. 2014 002

They have all been tucked in for winter with lots of straw! Except the Brussel sprouts…

Nov. 2014 021

I’ll add a leaf mulch to them, mixed with grass clippings for a little nutrition…

Nov. 2014 102

Carrots will be left in pots till we need them, and

the celery is going to be left in the garden!

Nov. 2014 113

just a little longer 😉

2 thoughts on “Nov: Winter is Coming…

    1. Thanks Tera! It was an idea from the fellow who sold us the tress, he’s really done his research and has an amazing lemon tree on the front of his home ! My fingers are crossed that our small tress will make it ! 🙂

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