Tomatoes & Garlic From The Garden

Its a real treat to have tomatoes from the Garden in Jan 🙂  even though they are frozen! Jan. 2015 017 If you are anything like me they were thrown in the freezer  skin & all in the middle of the season.. Jan. 2015 014 its actually really easy to clean them up, I thaw them a little on a cookie sheet, you could run them under warm water, the skins peel off  readily and the core is very simple to cut out. Jan. 2015 013 Simmer them in a pot slowly to thicken and you are ready to make soup, sauce, what ever you like. I love that they are organic and full of flavour! This will need some garlic, don’t you think ? 🙂 No problem we still have a stash.. Jan. 2015 003 There it is, yup, that’s all of it, washed dried topped with olive oil and ready to be roasted slowly on the BBQ… Jan. 2015 004 we took our time and took out the smaller cloves as they were done.. Jan. 2015 009 peeled them, which is super fast once they’re cooked.. Jan. 2015 010 popped them into the freezer ,so now we should be set till June or July…I hope 😉

6 thoughts on “Tomatoes & Garlic From The Garden

  1. Fantastic ideas! Sadly, we don’t have any tomatoes left but we sure have garlic in storage. I’ll be roasting garlic this weekend. Thanks for the tips.

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